7th March

Isabella had BOTOX 4 weeks ago and the results she is showing already are incredible. Unfortunately, BOTOX is a temporary form of SDR and only lasts for approximately 4 months. It will help strengthen her body and give her more confidence in preparation for SDR surgery.

Today, Isabella walked 5 steps independently which proves exactly what she is capable of without the spasticity. SDR surgery will permanently remove the spasticity giving her the opportunity to lead a “normal” life.

3rd March

I am happy to announce that we are now able to accept all foreign change!

If you have any odd coins lying around, old or new, we are now able to get them exchanged for CASH! Please get in contact if you have some change to donate.

At our Black & White Ball, there will be an opportunity to place your foreign change into a bucket in return for an entry into a prize draw for a fantastic prize!

19th February

A massive thank you to Manchester United for donating a signed ball to the auction for our Black & White Charity Ball.

For your chance of winning this in our auction, please contact Natasha Dawson to purchase tickets!

6th February

Isabella has had the BOTOX procedure and is now recovering from the drowsy medicine. She was so brave and giggled throughout.

We’re excited to see what happens over the next few months

2nd February

Isabella had her first physiotherapy session today at Kids Physio Works and she did amazing! She worked so hard.

We also received a phonecall today from Great Ormond Street Hospital to offer Isabella a BOTOX cancellation appointment next Tuesday. This is something we have wanted for so long for Isabella and as a temporary form of SDR we are excited to see how she gets on.

18th January 2018

We have just arrived at Great Ormond Street Hospital and we’re now waiting to be seen in the Movement Disorder Clinic


After meeting with the Great Ormond Street Neurosurgeon and his team, we have now discovered that Isabella has Dystonia too. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do for this.

On the plus side, she has been accepted for BOTOX and is on the cancellations waiting list! This is a temporary version of SDR so we’re hoping that this will work wonders for her