Friday 10th November

A HUGE thank you to Charlotte Mitchell for arranging her own fundraising event in aid of Isabella. This was held at the Mildenhall Dogs and we raised an amazing £276.50! This amount included lots of winnings too so thank you to everyone that came. It was a fantastic evening 

Friday 10th November

Isabella had a follow up appointment at Great Ormond Street Hospital with the Respiratory team today. The doctor is happy with Isabella’s progress with her respiratory and she is now off one of her many meds

Wednesday 8th November

We have just received £150.89 from the Queens Head pub in Chelmsford. This is from another full collection tin and the start of the beer sales.

I really can’t thank them enough for the support that they have given to us!!

29th October – Isabella has a beer!

A big thank you to Nikki from the Essex Cricket Club for donating a barrel of beer to us! You can buy a pint from The Queen’s Head, Chelmsford where 100% of the price of the beer will go to Isabella ?

Also, thank you to the Queens Head for putting this on sale! This pub has been very generous and has helped raise lots for us so far


Thank you to everyone who joined in with the live Facebook auction on Sunday evening. We raised £298. When everyone paid, most added a little extra giving us a total of £314!!


Our next live online auction will take place in December time. We rely on donated items so if you have anything to offer then please get in touch – It is great for a bit of advertisement too as each lot takes approx. 10 minutes to sell.

Tuesday 10th October 2017

Today, Isabella had an appointment with her new Community Consultant. She has referred Isabella for a few various things with the main one being to Great Ormond Street’s Neurology team.

We are now one step closer for Isabella to have Botox injections in her legs. This is a temporary version of SDR so instead of removing the spasticity, it paralyzes the areas instead. This will last for up to 3 months at a time and can only be done once per year.. if she is accepted.



What an amazing evening we all had on Friday 6th October at The Grand Masquerade Ball. We raised a staggering £6,036!!!

The Mayor, Mayoress, Deputy-Mayor and Deputy-Mayoress of Chelmsford all joined us for the evening.

Channels Estate provided the Barn to us free of charge with only the meals to pay for. DJ Darren from Showtime Entertainment provided his DJ services for free also. We had a professional photographer capturing formal photographs of the guests which they were able to take home after the evening. We also had an incredible auction with astounding pieces that were provided by Damian and his team.

Everyone looked incredible in their formal attire and masks! We feel truly grateful for all of the support from 100 guests on the evening. We owe a big THANK YOU to every guest and employee/volunteer that was there on the evening and also to all of the companies who donated items into our auction and raffle. Without you all, we wouldn’t have raised as much as we did.

We enjoyed it so much that we are planning a Summer Ball for 2018!!

Here are some photographs from the guests on the evening…